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Locust Valley Middle & High School
Physical Education Student Guidelines
The purpose of these guidelines is to provide each student of the Locust Valley community with an opportunity to succeed in Physical Education. The goal of the Physical Education Department is to promote life-long fitness and wellness. Students will participate in a variety of meaningful activities that will emphasize the all the components associated with physical fitness. In order to create a successful and safe learning environment, it is essential for each student to understand and adhere to the expectations below.
The New State Education Department requires that all students successfully complete 4 years of Physical Education in order to graduate. Students are required to participate to the best of your ability at all times. Students will also participate in evaluations, fitness testing, and assessments. Each marking period all students in Physical Education classes will earn numeric grades. 
Students must be prepared for classes by changing into appropriate footwear and athletic wear which may not be the same as the clothing that students wore to school. Appropriate footwear means traditional sneakers-no platforms or hard soled shoes. Appropriate athletic wear means shorts/sweatpants, t-shirts/sweatshirt. No tank tops, cargo shorts, or clothes with zippers are permitted. It is the teacher’s discretion to determine whether or not a student is wearing clothes, which are consistent with Physical Education guidelines. As stated in the District Code of Conduct and Student Handbook, students are not permitted to wear any revealing or inappropriate clothing in Physical Education class or on school grounds.
For many reasons, students are not permitted to wear jewelry during Physical Education classes with one exception. Students will be permitted to wear one stud earring in each ear which must be flush to the skin and which must be covered with a band-aid or athletic tape, which is provided and applied by each student. Students should note that no other exceptions will be made at any time during the school year for any reason including, the need to accommodate new piercings. Please note that the wearing of other jewelry can be hazardous in physical education classes and can cause injuries and/or damage equipment. To prevent theft, students should leave all jewelry at home or in a safe place before attending Physical Education class. Wearing jewelry during class will be documented as being unprepared. Because students who wear jewelry will not be permitted to participate, their grades will suffer.
Students will be issued specific locks and small numbered lockers for Physical Education class. All belongingswill be required to be locked in lockers during class. Students are permitted to use an assigned large locker during class but cannot leave their locks and belongings in a large locker after they finish class. Students are not permitted to leave locks on large lockers overnight for any reason. The lockers issued are not for use for sport teams. There are designated areas/locker rooms for sport teams. Students, who do not have a designated area, must make special arrangements with their coaches and/or must leave their equipment in their hall lockers. Students will be required to pay $5 for loss of an issued lock and cannot use their own lock in the locker rooms. In order to avoid theft, students should not bring large amounts of money, any technological devices such as, IPODS, LAPTOPS, CELL PHONES or any other items that are valuable to Physical Education classes.
Students must be on time for class. Students must be seated in their squads within 5 minutes after the bell rings. For students who arrive late to class will have to provide the Physical Education Teacher justification of the lateness. 
If a student is ill or absent from class for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the work that was missed or work that is related to the lesson or unit which was taught. If a written assignment is given, it must be typed, 1 to 2 pages long and adhere to the Modern Language Association format (MLA).
 Students can improve their grades by attending MAKE-UPS.  MAKE-UPS are available during each marking period for excused absences. The fitness room is open before and after school as an option for these make-ups. Any questions regarding this needs to be addressed with their Physical Education Teacher.
As per the District Code of Conduct, students are expected to be respectful of each other, of teachers, and of Physical Education equipment and the Physical Education facilities. If disruptive or inappropriate behavior is witnessed, students will be dismissed from class, lose points for their non-participation and be referred to the Dean of Students. Please note that the unauthorized, inappropriate use of photography or video of Locust Valley students is prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary consequences.