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lisa photo

Lisa Czerniecki

  277-5120 HS  Assistant Principal

Anthony Davidson

  277-5010 ADM Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Patrick DiClemente

  277-5105 HS Principal
kimberly photo

Kimberly Ferina

  277-5150 HS  Coordinator of Mathematics, K-12
sophia photo  Sophia Gary
  277-5300  LVE  Principal 
patricia photo

Patricia Griffin

  277-5050 ADMIN Director of Pupil Personnel Services
tom photo  Tom Hogan
  277-5200  MS  Principal 

Karen Horoszewski

  277-5029 Admin School Business Administrator
anna photo  Anna F. Hunderfund
  277-5001  Admin  Superintendent 
michael photo
Michael LoGerfo

277-5220  MS  Assistant Principal
Jennifer Masa photo
Jennifer Masa
 HS  Dean of Students
scott photo  Scott McElhiney
  277-5400  BE
dorothy photo  Dorothy McManus 
  277-5450  BE
Assistant Principal 
toni photo
Toni Meliambro

Admin Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs and Human Resources
ken photo  Ken Packert
  277-5146  HS  Science Chairperson, K-12 
d turner photo

Danielle Turner, Ed.D

  277-5175 Athletics  Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
michelle photo
Michelle Villa

277-5125 HS
Assistant Principal
amy photo
Amy Watson

277-5300 LVE  Assistant Principal

Important Phone Numbers

  Henry Alilionis 

277-5070  Admin  Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Facilities 
  Susan Hammerschmidt
  277-5007 Admin  District Clerk 
  Kathleen Kulbaba

  277-5530 Cafeteria Services Director
  Katherine Russo
  Anna  Rivadeneira

District Registrar and Mc-Kinney Vento Liaison