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Keeping LV Spirits High

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Locust Valley students may not be together, but they haven’t lost the Falcon spirit. The Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council organized a Virtual Spirit Week from March 23-27 for Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School students. 

Each day, students were encouraged to dress up for that day’s theme and to do a specific activity. Children dressed in pajamas, wacky wardrobes, crazy hats and hair and sports team jerseys, leading up to the last spirit day which featured Falcon wear. Activities for each day included having breakfast with the family, reading in an unusual spot, doing chores around the house, getting outside and performing random acts of kindness.

LVEPC Co-President Meredith Wachter said spirit week was fun for everyone. “LVEPC Virtual Spirit Week was a way of staying connected, sharing in an activity while apart, and being able to see one another’s smiling faces, places and activities through the photos,” she said.

For the Love of Science

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Love was in the air at Ann MacArthur Primary School on Valentine’s Day, but it was a love of science that these second graders felt.  Students in Amanda McCarthy’s class were enthusiastically conducting an experiment using candy hearts and the scientific method to determine what would happen to the crunchy candy pieces when dropped in various substances.

With six cups in front of them containing water, soda, oil, vinegar, peroxide and hand sanitizer, the students first predicted whether the hearts would sink or float in each one. Then they made educated guesses as to whether the candy would dissolve or stay in tact. 

As the little hands placed the candies in each cup, they watched with awe to see if their predictions were correct. Scientific discussions took place to understand why the hearts both sank and floated in the soda. The students wrote their conclusions and drew pictures of the outcomes. 

Ms. McCarthy said the experiment was a success, with the children honing their skills in the scientific method. “This was a great cooperative project in which they followed directions, made predictions and learned from the outcome.”