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50 Mountain Avenue, Bayville, New York  11709

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The Intermediate School houses grades 3-5 with an enrollment of 225 students. The program is enhanced by an instrumental music program where students are given the opportunity to exercise their talents with strings, wind and choral classes. Leadership potential is fostered by our student council program. 

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    Cultural Celebration Reinforces Curriculum

    A girl paints Japanese letters.

    Creating flower art, learning to use chopsticks and crafting origami reinforced what third-graders at Bayville Intermediate School learned during a unit on Japanese culture. Celebrating the culture of Japan with traditional Japanese activities was a fun and creative opportunity to reinforce the lessons taught in class.

    Activities also included haiku, Sudoku puzzles and making dragon puppets. Parents attended the cultural celebration and assisted their children with the activities. Mock sushi made from crispy cereal and fruit rollups helped children experience eating with chopsticks.

    Experiencing actual aspects of Japanese culture was exciting and informative for everyone.

    Transported Back to Colonial Times

    A boys and girl make candles.

    Candle making and yarn weaving were among the activities that fourth-graders at Bayville Intermediate School tried during Colonial Day. The curriculum includes learning about colonial times and, therefore, replicating activities done during that era helps reinforce the lessons learned in class.

    Parent volunteers helped the day to run smoothly by leading various activities. They helped children dip wicks into colored wax to make candles and instructed them in how to weave yarn. In another demonstration, volunteers outlined students’ heads using flashlights to replicate the silhouette portraits of the time because cameras had not yet been invented. Other activities included writing in calligraphy and making butter from scratch.

    Author Offers Writing Inspiration

    Visiting author poses with students and teachers.
    Author Joe McGee stood in front of Bayville Elementary School students and asked them to close their eyes and imagine a yellow room with a table and a red tablecloth and a cage with a fuzzy, white bunny.
    “I just created an image in all of your heads,” Mr. McGee said. “That is the magic of storytelling.” He told the auditorium full of students that storytellers are like magicians. “We take words and create characters, and it’s like magic.”
    Mr. McGee visited Bayville Primary and Intermediate Schools for Author’s Day, sponsored by the Bayville PTA in coordination with the schools’ librarians Paige Coppola and Stefanie Lipsey.
    Ms. Lipsey said that having an author visit and talk to the children about writing encourages them to write more. “They see firsthand how writing can be fun, and they learn tricks of the trade that they can use in the classroom,” she said.
    “My goal is for each of you to use your imagination,” Mr. McGee said. He went on to explain that ideas come from observing, daydreaming, being curious, reading, playing, listening and asking “What if?” He said asking questions and finding the answers helps in writing amazing stories. “Anything you want to do, you can absolutely do it,” he said.
    After sharing details on how he became a writer, including that he started writing his own stories in fourth grade, Mr. McGee read his book, “Peanut Butter & Aliens.” 

    Many thanks to the Bayville PTA for bringing this special guest to Bayville Elementary Schools!

    Reading Aloud Benefits All

    Two students at a table reading a book
    On World Read Aloud Day, celebrated on Feb. 1, some classes from Bayville Primary School and Bayville Intermediate School joined together to celebrate. Victoria Shishkoff brought her first-graders down the hill to the intermediate school and joined Marie Fonzo’s class. Lori Pace’s third-grade class partnered with Dani Schatz’s second-grade class and the four classes celebrated reading.

    The students sat in pairs as the older children read books to the younger children, both groups learning and gaining from the experience. 

    “The activity made my students feel very important and special,” Ms. Shishkoff said. “The older students were excited, kind and nurturing. It was a wonderful sight to see! My class couldn’t stop talking about the third-graders the rest of the day.” 

    She also explained the benefits in developing a crossover and collaboration between teachers at both schools so the younger children become comfortable and familiar with the faces when it’s time to move down to the big school. 

    Ms. Fonzo said the event was just as rewarding for her class. “This activity allowed third-grade students to become mentors to their younger peers. They felt a feeling of pride and accomplishment as the roots of our school community deepened.”

    All-County Musicians

    Music note graphic
    Student-musicians across the district are excelling in band, orchestra and chorus. Many students performed in the Nassau Music Educators Association All-County Music Festival. Acceptance into this prestigious program is largely based on NYSSMA scores from the previous year. Students are nominated by their music teachers and are chosen by a selection committee from the festival. Students participate in several long rehearsals led by a guest conductor and have a culminating concert at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts.

    Congratulations to the following students:

    Bayville Elementary School

    Evie Bergman, Grade 5, Chorus
    Leah Bolitho, Grade 5, Chorus
    Delila Cody, Grade 5, Chorus
    Lucia Connelly, Grade 5 Chorus
    Juliana Darrah, Grade 5, Chorus
    Christopher Emmerich, Grade 5, Chorus
    Elizabeth Madden, Grade 5, Chorus
    Samiyah Michalski, Grade 5, Chorus
    Julia Pisciotta, Grade 5, Orchestra
    Morgan Smith, Grade 5, Chorus
    Adbvaith Sreenivas, Grade 5, Chorus
    Elizabeth Watson, Grade 5, Band

    Locust Valley Elementary School

    Grant Creedon, Grade 5, Orchestra
    Emily Gallo, Grade 5, Band
    Julia Rappa, Grade 5, Chorus
    Rowan Shenoy, Grade 5, Orchestra

    Locust Valley Middle School

    Ciaran Bowden, Grade 6, Orchestra
    Kathryn Constantin, Grade 6, Chorus
    John D’Addario, Grade 9, Orchestra
    Katherine Gu, Grade 8, Orchestra
    Jenna Linden, Grade 7, Chorus
    Sofia Maragos, Grade 6, Chorus
    Aidan Moran, Grade 8, Band
    Kieran Moran, Grade 7, Jazz Band
    Owen Pye, Grade 6, Band
    William Wysolovski, Grade 7, Orchestra

    Locust Valley High School

    Ashleigh Capozzi, Grade 11, Treble Choir
    Olivia Cody, Grade 9, Chorus
    Nils Coffey, Grade 11, Orchestra
    Brett Dalis, Grade 9, Chorus
    Timothy Peguillan, Grade 11, Mixed Chorus
    Ezra Pietrafesa, Grade 10, Band (Division 4)
    Sabrina Raichoudhury, Grade 9, Chorus