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Encore Courses

Students are exposed to several courses each year beyond the core subjects. The courses reflect a multi-modality approach with a wide range of hands-on experiences.

Sixth Grade students have Technology, Art, Computer and Health.

Seventh Grade students have a double session of Technology, Home and Careers, Health and Art.

Eighth Graders complete their exposure with a double session of Technology, Home and Careers, Health and Art. Each course has its own unique characteristics as noted in the brief descriptions:

Art - The visual arts curriculum was created to meet the needs and desires of students. The goal is to provide a wide range of experiences in different kinds of subject matter, themes, art materials, processes, mediums, techniques and technologies. Students are encouraged to respond critically to art and to explore art as a means of communication. We provide experiences to develop a lasting enjoyment and appreciation of the fine arts.

Computer - Students will build upon a variety of computer skills through the introduction of the Windows Platform. Students are introduced to computer basics including the ability to open and close files, understand input and output devices, use proper key boarding skills, understand how a computer works and to identify basic computer components. The word processing skills include but are not limited to using fonts, size, style, line spacing, tab format, copying, creating/proofreading documents and integrating graphics. They also will learn to create Power Point presentations and use Microsoft Excel. Students are expected to use the computer as an invaluable educational tool.

Technology -The technology experience provides an opportunity to translate some of the theoretical learning into material-based experiments and products. Students work with materials and begin to understand how their physical properties influence technological advancements. The hands-on projects help students understand the principles and concepts of science. Students become engaged for example in designing, building, and modifying a variety of powered vehicles. The vehicles are tested for speed, distance and endurance.

Health -The Health Program is designed to give students information so that they have sufficient tools, which will enable them to make intelligent choices about their lives. It recognizes that people can control a great many aspects of their health. The program strives to develop sound knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding health. Health education is approached through a study of eleven conceptual areas. Topics include human growth and development, family structures, influences on social values and morals, mental health, self-esteem, stress and pressures, nutrition, physical fitness, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and introduction to CRP.

Home and Careers- The mission of Family and Consumer Science is to prepare individuals to be competent confident and caring in managing their personal, family and work lives. Students are engaged in activities, which lead to effective decision making, problem solving and management in the home, school/community and work place. Students for example participate in hands-on experiences in the preparation of an array of meals from breakfast to dinner. They learn the basic skills relative to home and family responsibilities within this interactive, hands-on learning environment.

Foreign Language-Middle Schoolers continue their study of the Foreign Language of their choice: Italian, French or Spanish.
Beginning in grade 6, a full year of study is offered in the language selected by each student.
Students continue their study of Foreign Language in the MS in grades 7 and 8, and perform with distinction
on the NYS Foreign Language Proficiency Exam. We are proud, indeed, of our 100% passing rate.
Language learning extends beyond reading, writing, listening and speaking into experiences in culture, history, current
events, music, art, and food preparation. This cultural enrichment not only exceeds NYS standards,
but also provides insight into, understanding of, and respect for different world cultures and heritages.