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Guidance and Counseling Center

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The guidance department is a resourceful and essential component of student academic success, and counselors recognize that a well-balanced education is necessary for students to develop into responsible and well-rounded individuals. Guidance counselors provide various services including academic and college advisement, financial aid and scholarship informational workshops, and individual and group counseling.

Students are assigned to counselors in an alphabetical and vertical distribution, and students, parents, and the school community can meet with counselors as often as needed.  More over, as changes in graduation requirements occur, including credits, Regents examinations, and types of diplomas, counselors continue to assist students in meeting New York State standards, ensuring a timely graduation.  As a result, students are adequately prepared to continue their education into post secondary schools, thereby enabling students to attain their academic and career goals.

Learning From Leading


Learning from each other and sharing ideas was beneficial to attendees of the IB Student Roundtable, hosted by the high school’s IB Leadership Group.  The roundtable included IB students from Locust Valley, Hauppauge High School and The Portledge School.

The Locust Valley student organization arranged the event and many of the details, including suggesting guest speaker, Cory Muscara, a mindfulness and positive psychology specialist. Following his presentation on mindfulness and stress relief, IB Leadership Group members facilitated breakout groups, which allowed participants to gain insight into the IB programs at each other’s schools, form connections with one another and share strategies and tips for getting the most out of the program.

Senior Kyra Schmeizer said she found the event to be successful and helpful. "It was very interesting learning about different meditation and mindfulness exercises, and has inspired me to go on a short silent meditation retreat,” she said. She added that she enjoyed the breakout sessions where she learned how the other school´s complete their CAS hours.

Other Locust Valley participants said that in their breakout sessions they reflected on their experiences with the extended essay, a requirement for all IB Diploma candidates. One Locust Valley High School junior said practicing the five-finger meditation shared by Muscara before a recent test, helped her remain calm and earn 10 percent on the exam.

IB Coordinator Angela Manzo and IB Leadership Group advisor Barbara Mierlak said the roundtable event was the students’ idea and they did much of the planning and moderated the event themselves. “They were true leaders in every sense of the word,” said Ms. Mierlak. “They embodied the principles of the IB program and we are very proud of them.”

Locust Valley Jesters Entertain in 'Check Please’


The Locust Valley High School Jesters welcomed visitors into Guillermo’s Gourmet Café to witness the antics of several disastrous blind dates in the drama “Check Please.” As audience members sat at tables in the café, they observed two single people repeatedly disappointed by the strangers that showed up for their dates. A kleptomaniac, a child, a woman with an imaginary friend, a grandmother and a mime were among the unwelcome dinner partners.

Two performances on Nov. 17 and 18 immersed the audience in the action, including cast members serving coffee and pastries during intermission. The entire waitstaff of Guillermo’s Gourmet Café even came out to sing “Happy Birthday” to an unsuspecting diner. The café owner walked around during intermission to ask patrons if they were enjoying their desserts. 

The Locust Valley High School auditorium stage, which was transformed into the café, was filled with laughter throughout the performances as the cast members played their roles with emotion and creativity.

“Check Please” was produced by Marc Yavoski with costumes by Lisa Conti, stagecraft by Joan Passero and Nicole Stiegelbauer Montenegro and stage direction by Allison Hungate Wood.

The cast included Emily Barosin, Emma Berens, Maria Bubulinis, Aspen Collings, Sydney Collings, Brett Dalis, Sebastian Diaz Gomez, Valentina Friedrich, Ashlee Joly, Ava Lamb, Emma Livoti, Alim Merchant, Christian Ordonez, Lydia Paulus, Nitha Paulus and Timothy Peguillan.

Dedicated Wrestlers

Five Falcon wrestlers made sacrifices during the offseason to improve their bodies and minds, proving they have the attitude to become the best wrestlers they can be. This dedication earned junior Gage DeNatale All-American Honors.

Gage flew halfway around the world for an 11-day training session in Russia, where he trained with some of the best young wrestlers in the world and gained valuable knowledge and experience. Juniors Tommy Coll, Vincent Marchand and Kyle Shriberg spent 15 days of their summer vacation participating in the J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp in California. 

The dedication put into training during the offseason proved valuable at the Freak Show wrestling tournament held Oct. 21-22 in Las Vegas. Three Locust Valley wrestlers attended the tournament, often referred to as the Nationals of the West. Gage, Vinnie and junior Vito Rodriguez tested themselves against fierce competition, with Gage making the finals of the 132-lb. weight class in which he earned the All-American honor. Vinnie Marchand and Vito Rodriguez won multiple bouts. 

“Locust Valley wrestling is a family and the goal of individuals to improve themselves is driven by the desire to improve the entire team and the wrestling program as a whole,” said Dr. Danielle Turner, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics. “We are all very proud of the boys.”

Senior Earns National Award

Senior Brooke Cody has been named a Wendy’s High School Heisman 2018 School Winner. Of nearly 42,000 high school scholar-athletes considered, Brooke is among only 7,500 chosen for this designation. Honorees must maintain a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher, participate in at least one sport and be a leader in the school community.

Brooke is an IB Diploma candidate and is president of the IB Leadership Club. She is also the editor of Perspective, the school’s literary magazine, secretary of the National Honor Society and vice president of the Italian Honor Society. She will graduate with the Seal of Biliteracy, awarded to students who have attained proficiency in two or more languages.

A well-rounded young woman, Brooke is an avid rower with the Sagamore Rowing Association and a dancer with a focus on ballet. She has also performed with the Locust Valley Jesters in the school musicals.

Congratulations to Brooke on being chosen for this outstanding honor!

Reinforcing the Importance of Responsible Decision Making

red ribbon collage

Programs and presentations that emphasized making healthy choices filled the days at the middle school and high school during Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 22-26. Events were organized and sponsored by the schools’ Students Against Destructive Decisions clubs, using the theme of the 2018 national Red Ribbon Campaign, “Life is Your Journey, TravelDrug Free.”

From the dangers of drugs to the consequences of inappropriate use of social media, students at both schools were reminded of the importance of making decisions that are healthy, both emotionally and physically. 

Among many activities, high school juniors heard a presentation from two social workers from the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Amanda Cioffi and Lauren Navarra, who is an LVHS alumna, shared facts and anecdotes about the use of marijuana, alcohol, opiates and vaping. They discussed healthy ways in which students can reduce stress and anxiety, such as exercise, meditation and spending time with friends.

Middle school students attended a presentation by Katie Duffy Schumacher, the founder of Don’t Press Send, an organization that promotes a mindful approach to using social media. Schumacher stressed the importance of thinking before posting to social media, the ramifications that negative posts can have and the ways in which social media can be used appropriately. Schumacher presented her program to parents on the evening of Oct. 24.

High school SADD Club members visited middle school classes to help facilitate discussions on topics related to drinking, decision-making and peer pressure. Middle school SADD Club members asked students to write down how they make good decisions and then hung hundreds of answers in one of the school corridors.

High school psychologists Adriana Marin and Kristen Sylvan, the high school SADD advisers, helped club members coordinate the week’s events. Middle school SADD Club advisers Liz DeGennaro and Amanda Noren helped coordinate the middle school events. Cooperation and assistance from psychologists, guidance counselors and administrators were appreciated.

“The SADD clubs celebrate Red Ribbon Week to help engage students and staff in conversations regarding healthy decision-making and positive coping strategies,” Dr. Marin said. “The goal of the week is to help empower our students if they are ever faced with difficult decisions.”