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Dear Locust Valley High School Students (and Parents):

Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year at Locust Valley High School! Opening day of school is Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  With the school year upon us, we ready ourselves for the opportunities that come with the start of every year--a higher grade, the passing and making of friendships, and a renewed commitment towards a successful endeavor. As always in education and life the demand for personal goals accompanied by earnest effort will be critical in achieving a valuable academic and social experience.  Welcome to the new school year!

Our students are part of a nine period school day that begins promptly at 7:45AM and concludes at 2:39PM. Our staff and the instructional program fosters a student-centered school that stresses excellence in an environment of high expectations and high support. Individual educational programs are in place for students, as well as pupil support from counselors, psychologists, a social worker, and all staff. Students in need of extra-help will find teachers in all disciplines available for support. Daily bus arrival for students is 7:30AM and daily bus dismissal is 2:50PM. Transportation for students involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics is available starting at 3:30PM.  Throughout the school year, we request that students exercise extreme caution when driving and parents exercise extreme caution dropping-off/picking-up students. For safety reasons and due to student movement and bus traffic, we do not have the ability to accommodate parent cars on campus during bus dismissal from 2:40PM to 2:59PM each afternoon. At 3:00PM parents are welcome to pick-up students on the sidewalk side of the loop. In the event of any unique needs or circumstances, parents of course may speak with a building administrator. 

Artists, musicians, and theater performers will meet new opportunities to elevate their level of involvement, develop skills, and seek enjoyment. Our extra-curricular clubs and academic teams are extensive and offer students the opportunity to grow both socially and academically. The athletic program is highly successful and offers a multitude of teams. Fall athletic start dates include: August 19th for football and August 26th for all other fall sports. A lunchtime Club Fair is scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd.  All students are encouraged to join a team or be part of a club.  

Your anticipated class schedule (arriving in a few days) reflects courses that have been selected with your input.  Important notations include:  

Y: Year-Long Class F: Fall Class S: Spring Class All: Class Meets Every Day

1:  Class meets on day 1 (A) 2:  Class meets on day 2 (B)

The scheduling process hinges on: graduation requirements, class availability, and the required minimum classes for all students.  A counselor appointment schedule is available and designated below for students/families to support circumstances that may be present due to: an error or omission on the schedule, the satisfaction of summer coursework/adjustment of class needs, or the desire to enroll in a more challenging course (AP, Honors, or IB).


Tuesday, August 27th 9:00 - 11:00 Grade 1
Tuesday, August 27th 12:00 - 2:00  Grade 9
Wednesday, August 28th 8:00 - 10:00 Grade 11
Wednesday, August 28th 12:00 - 2:00  Grade 10
Thursday, August 29th 8:00 - 10:00  New Entrants

Please note, consideration for schedule changes are based on: level changes, summer school grades, required coursework missing, and medical circumstances designated by a doctor’s note. To maintain balanced class sizes and work in the best interest of all students, course changes for reasons other than the aforementioned circumstances are not accepted until students have matriculated through class sessions, afforded due deliberation, and maintain a substantive reason for the request.  

As we prepare students for college, careers, and the acquisition of 21st century skills, we will continue to enhance the access to digital tools and diverse learning platforms for students and staff.  With ongoing access to technology, students are equipped with tools to support their individualized pursuit of passions and the ability to gain the skills needed to excel in a rapidly evolving global society. School-issued email addresses are anticipated for students this fall.

Our school cafeteria maintains a full service meal program. Additionally, senior students, unless determined otherwise due to academic, opt-out (an option for parents), attendance, or discipline matters, are able to enjoy open-campus privileges during lunch/open periods. Details regarding food service, including an application for free or reduced priced meals, and senior privileges are enclosed and/or have been made available respectively.

On the first day of school you should report to homeroom by 7:45 AM, where you will receive a finalized copy of your schedule, a student handbook, and a locker assignment.  Questions about your program will be answered and school expectations and procedures will be discussed. It is essential that families complete an Emergency Information Card (will arrive in the mail) and students submit the card to the health staff or homeroom teacher on the first day of school. Following homeroom, you will attend all classes on a modified schedule. The school day will end at 2:39PM.  

New York State mandates that new entrants to a district, along with students in grades K-1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, have a School Health Examination Form on file. A form will arrive to you in the mail and is also available on the district website ( directly at Please return a completed form to the Health Office.  Physical examinations will be provided by the school doctor for students that do not submit a completed form. Note:  A student playing a fall sport must complete his or her physical before the first practice. Questions? Please call the Athletic Office at 516-277-5175.  Requirements:

The Locust Valley High School Parents’ Council and Special Education Parent Teacher Association work closely with us to provide the best possible educational experience.  We encourage parents to join our HSPC and SEPTA and attend meetings. Meeting and membership information is available on the district website. Open House at Locust Valley High School is Wednesday, September 18th at 6:30PM. Also on September 18th (beginning at 5:30), the Guidance Department will be hosting a program for 9th grade students and parents.

I remind all students to attend to/complete the Summer Assignments posted on our website (English for all students and Social Studies for students entering AP US History). Additionally, all eligible juniors and seniors (at least 16 years of age by September 9th and holding a New York State driving permit), please note that spots remain in the Fall Drivers’ Education Program. Interested students may find information on the school website at:

A mandatory  informational meeting for the fall program is scheduled for Wednesday, August 28th at 6PM in the school library. Any student not signed-up but interested should contact the coordinator.  

Please consider your interest/share feedback regarding two exciting potential offerings for 2019 - 2020 academic year:



Members of the Class of 2020 satisfying all requirements as stipulated by the State of New York and the Locust Valley School District for a high school diploma or a Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential (CDOS) or a Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SACC) will be invited to participate in graduation on June 27th. 

On behalf of the entire staff, we look forward to working with you and are confident that you will have a positive experience. You are encouraged to become active in the life of the Locust Valley High School community.  

Best wishes for the remaining summer days.

Patrick J. DiClemente



Four Seniors Named National Merit Finalists

DSC_0002.jpg thumbnail164468
Four Locust Valley High School seniors have been named National Merit finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program, sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. It is exceptional that the high school has four finalists, as the College Board bestows this honor upon less than 1% of high school seniors nationwide each year. 

Nina Cialone, Michael DiSpirito, Michelle Hsu and Nitha Paulus were recognized as semifinalists in September for achieving exceptional scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. Out of the 1.5 million seniors that took the PSAT, the four Locust Valley students are among only 15,000 nationwide to be named finalists. Each semifinalist had to prove that they had high academic achievements throughout high school and had to earn a score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test that was consistent with their high PSAT scores.

Locust Valley High School Principal Patrick DiClemente said the school’s finalists are exceptional individuals. “These four students are bright, articulate and outstanding students who have had a positive impact at our high school, and each is certain to have a successful future,” he said. “Their families and our entire school community should be proud of their successes and the accomplishment of having four finalists in one year at a school the size of Locust Valley High School.” 

The College Board shares the names of finalists with colleges and universities, and they now become eligible to receive scholarships of $10,000 toward their college educations. These scholarships can come from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, corporate sponsors or the universities the finalists attend. Scholarship winners will be announced in June.

Congratulations to Nina, Michael, Michelle and Nitha on this outstanding achievement!

County Recognition For Paula Dragone

Untitled_design_-_2020-02-13T153030.784.png thumbnail164469
Paula Dragone, senior account clerk in the athletic office, has been awarded the Bondene Westring Award by the Nassau County Chapter of the New York State Athletic Administrators Association. This award is given to the administrative assistant who displays devotion to duty, commitment to excellence and a love of children. 
“We all know that Paula is the backbone of the athletic department,” said Dr. Danielle Turner, LVCSD Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics. “I am thrilled that she is being recognized at the county level for the hard work she does in Locust Valley. Her efforts are often recognized by coaches and players, and now a wider audience will understand her value to our program.”
Ms. Dragone will be given her award and recognized at a luncheon given by the Nassau Chapter of the NYSAAA on June 12.

Falcons Heading to Playoffs!

Come out to support the Falcon teams that advanced to post season play.

Boys' Basketball finished with a record 9-5 in Conference A5, and takes the 19 seed in the Class A playoff bracket, facing Garden City on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 5:30 p.m. at Garden City High School.

The wrestling team has 30 wrestlers who have qualified for the Nassau County Division II Wrestling Championships, which will take place on Saturday, Feb. 15 at Cold Spring Harbor HS.

Girls' Basketball finished undefeated in Conference A5, and takes the 2 seed in the Class A playoff bracket, facing the winner of Garden City/Hewlett on Thursday, Feb. 20, time to be determined.

High School Seniors Take on Role of Congress

The Rules Committee at their table thumbnail162326
The Rules Committee posing thumbnail162327
Studentpresenting a bill thumbnail162328
Student defending a bill thumbnail162329
Student speaking against a bill thumbnail162330
Students speaking against a bill thumbnail162331
Student voting using Google Forms thumbnail162332
High school seniors took the annual Congress in Action event to a new level by incorporating technology and creating a paperless event. Gone were the paper ballots previously used to vote on each student-proposed bill. Instead, the mock members of Congress voted using Google Forms. With their Chromebooks on their laps, not only was voting paperless, it was also instantaneous. The Rules Committee knew immediately if a bill passed or failed, without having to walk around gathering them and taking the time to count them. 

“It’s important that we use technology in our school events in order to prepare students for the online world they are entering,” said Bryan Sarandrea, coordinator of social studies and business, K-12. He added that online voting was also better for the environment and therefore served the event well.

Other aspects of Congress in Action were kept traditional. Students proposed bills just as actual members of Congress would do, after researching topics in social studies classes and writing position papers to present at the event. Audience members, also acting as members of Congress, would argue for or against each bill before the entire group would vote. 

While some bills passed and others did not, the experience gave participants a real-life feel for how our government works. “This is a realistic peek at the inner workings of Congress,” Mr. Sarandrea said. “While preparing their bills, they also hone their research and writing skills and then their presentation skills during the actual event.” He said that Congress in Action provides a well-rounded experience and going paper free brought the event into current times.  

The Rules Committee, which kept order throughout the day, was comprised of Francis Marrone, Speaker of the House, and Marissa Capozzi, Quinn Letter, Vincent Marchand, Anish Mukhi, Matthew Scicutella and Juliana Vega. 

Students were guided in their research by their social studies teachers, including Robert Buonaspina, who organized the activity.

Another Falcon Scores 1,000th Point!

Student and coach thumbnail162250

LVHS senior Paige O’Brien is the second varsity basketball player to hit 1,000 career points this season. After congratulating her co-captain Julia Sabatino on the milestone last week, Paige scored her 1,000 point at a home game against Valley Stream South. Her 20 point game contributed to the Falcons 16th straight win during this undefeated season. Congratulations Paige!