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After School Snack Program

We are happy to inform you that beginning on March 2, 2015, a new after school snack program will be available for all Locust Valley Middle School and High School students. The After School Snack Program will be available in our High School Cafeteria from 2:40 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. every school day. 

Students, who qualify for “free” meals or meals at a reduced cost, and also participate in an after school educational program, will also qualify to receive “free” snacks and snacks at a reduced cost after school. The same procedures which are followed during lunch periods, will be followed after school.

After school, students who qualify for free meals can avail themselves to the snack of the day and will enter the appropriate pin numbers before they “check out” at the register. Nothing else will be required. 

Students who qualify for meals at a reduced cost will be charged $.15. The amount can be paid in cash or the $.15 can be debited from the student’s account, funds permitting.

Each day a different snack with milk or juice will be offered as follows:

Mondays: assortment of cold cereal, cereal bar or Pop-Tart. 

Tuesdays: assortment of muffins or cinnamon bun. 

Wednesdays: choice of carrot sticks with hummus or ranch dressing, or an oatmeal bar. 

Thursdays:  graham crackers, string cheese 

Fridays: Chobani yogurt with granola topping or a Pop-Tart. 

There are no substitutions to the menu. In addition to the snack of the day there will be other snacks and beverages that students can buy at an additional cost. Please see the After School Snack Menu for the additional a la carte snacks and beverages offered.

For students who pay full price, the cost of their snacks can be paid with cash or it can be debited from their accounts, funds permitting.

For additional information, please call the Middle School/High School Lunch Office at 277-5530.