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Locust Valley High/Middle School
Horse Hollow Road
Locust Valley, NY 11560

Fax 516-277-5108

Directions to Locust Valley High/Middle School


LIE to exit 39 north (Glen Cove Road) to the end at the Glen Cove Fire Dept. Turn right onto Brewster Street. Road quickly changes names to Forest Avenue, go just over 2 miles to Birch Hill Road in Locust Valley. Landmark - at the intersection there will be a Marquis Liquors on the right. Turn left onto Birch Hill Road. At the yellow blinking light bear left. Go one block to the traffic light. Turn right onto Horse Hollow Road (which is also the end of the road). The High School will be 1/4 of a mile down on the left. Use second driveway.


Route 106 north towards Oyster Bay. Turn left at the Hess gas station on Lexington Avenue; at end of road turn left onto Main Street. Pass 2 lights and bear right onto Shore Road. At first light, turn left onto Cleft Road. Cross-over water, road changes names to Feeks Lane. At the end turn right onto Bayville Road. At next traffic light (at the end of the road) turn left onto Horse Hollow Road. The High School will be about a mile down on the right.


Locust Valley Students Celebrate National School Nurse Day

High School Nurse Receiving Card and Plant thumbnail217312
Photo of plant that was gifted to nurses thumbnail217313

In recognition of National School Nurse Day, Locust Valley High School students in Robert Buonaspina’s College Government class honored the hardworking nurses at the high school and at Locust Valley Middle School.

High school nurse Mary Gochna and middle school nurse Patricia Brunetti both received a beautiful plant and a card from the students as a token of appreciation for all that they do. The cards were designed by high school students in the Life Skills program.
The Locust Valley Central School District extends its thanks to all the dedicated school nurses throughout the district.  

Date Added: 5/17/2022

A Tribute for Coach Carolyn Collins

Group Photo of Lacrosse Team and Coach thumbnail217121
Locust Valley Lacrosse Team Members and Staff thumbnail217122
Coach Honored on Field thumbnail217123
Lacrosse Players thumbnail217124

Locust Valley High School girls junior varsity lacrosse and field hockey coach Carolyn Collins spent her last afternoon on the sidelines during her team’s final season competition against East Meadow on May 10, but not before the team, fellow coaches and the community came to bid her farewell. Coach Collins has coached and been a member of the physical education department’s faculty for 25 years and will retire in June.
Prior to the start of the game, the team presented flowers to Coach Collins and lined up and clapped as she told each of them farewell. 

Varsity lacrosse coach Carolyn Morales described Coach Collins as “a coach that has gone above and beyond for her players, treating every single one of them like they were her daughters. She is truly the unsung hero for Locust Valley Athletics.”

Coach Collins said she is not sure what her next step will be after retirement. She did say, however, that she hopes her team members have learned the definition of good sportsmanship, the ability to display camaraderie and have acquired a love of the game. “Through coaching, I have wanted my students to become good citizens and learn leadership skills by playing the game,” she said.

Coach Collins left an indelible mark on those students who were lucky to play on her teams. Sophomore Ashley Grella described Coach Collins as someone who “cares about the girls, all of us,” while Kate French, who was on her team freshman year, described Coach Collins as “welcoming, kind and encouraging.”

“She pushed me to be better and believed in me more than I did,” Kate said.

Junior Olivia Deltatto works on the Athletic Council with Coach Collins and said she [Collins] wants nothing but the best for Locust Valley and the community and is a strong advocate for females in the district. “She gave me strong building blocks, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”

Date Added: 5/12/2022


Therapy Dogs Provide Calming Effect for Locust Valley Students

Students with Therapy Dogs at School thumbnail217024
Students with Therapy Dogs at School thumbnail217025
Students with Therapy Dogs at School thumbnail217026

Locust Valley High School and Locust Valley Middle School is hosting Mental Health Awareness Month throughout the month of May. This year’s theme is “Together for Mental Health” as students work to continue to fight the stigma, provide support and educate staff, students and families on mental health issues.

K-!2 Director of Guidance and School Counseling Michelle Villa said, “We will use this time to bring our voices together to advocate for mental health and access to care and work together to support one another.”

Student clubs and social worker Bidania Criscuolo are hosting sponsored activities to spread awareness and engage students in the process of recognizing the importance of mental health in our daily lives. Spirit Week, held May 2-6, encouraged students and faculty to wear pajamas to relieve stress and reduce cortisol levels on Mellow Monday, to dress like a friend on Twin Tuesday, to wear the color green for mental health awareness, to wear tie dye clothing to symbolize a wide range of emotions that are typically felt and to wear spirit gear to demonstrate support of the Falcon family.

Throughout the month, students will have the opportunity the participate in National Smile Day (May 31), play Coping Skills Bingo (May 26), celebrate gratitude on Gratitude Day (May 25), participate in a Drum Circle (May 23), play self-care Bingo (May 19), and show acceptance of others on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (Nay 17). Students also will enjoy National Chocolate Chip Day (May 16) and represent their cultural background on Represent Your Culture Day (May 12).

On May 3, students had the opportunity to snuggle and enjoy certified therapy dog Maggie, owned by Kelly Rogers. The students gathered in the library by appointment, where they filled out a questionnaire asking them to rate their level of stress before and after being with the therapy dog. Most of the students said they felt calmer and more relaxed after meeting the golden retriever who took hold of their hearts.

Date Added: 5/11/2022

Seniors Declare Future Plans During ‘Up and Away Day’

Students smile at the camera on Up and Away Day thumbnail216868

Pride and excitement were the predominant emotions for seniors who congregated at the front entrance to Locust Valley High School on May 3 as they officially declared future plans upon graduation.

A rite of passage, “Up and Away Day” was sponsored by the high school guidance department as an opportunity for seniors to wear college T-shirts and sweatshirts representing the colleges and universities they will attend this coming fall, as well as clothing announcing their acceptance into the military or trade school or business. The seniors were accepted to national academic institutions which included Tulane University, Notre Dame University, Florida Atlantic University, Clemson University, Boston College, Penn State University and more. Some of the local colleges and universities included NYU, Hofstra University, SUNY Oneonta, Sacred Heart University and others in the tri-state region.

Locust Valley K-12 Director of Guidance and School Counseling Michelle Villa explained that “Up and Away Day” is a first step in gathering information about the Class of 2022’s plans upon graduation. The students were handed a placard with their name, and each senior filled out the school they were accepted to or their plans for the military or a trade school. These placards will be flashed on the school jumbotron at a future date, alongside their graduation photos, for the entire school to see.

Date Added: 5/6/2022

Latest Issue Of the Spectrum

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