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International Food Festival Bridges Student Cultures

Polaroids of International Food Festival thumbnail217287
Students Eating at Food Festival  thumbnail217288
Student Performers at Food Festival thumbnail217289
Students at International Food Festival thumbnail217290
Dance Group at Food Festival thumbnail217291
Locust Valley students, families and community members gathered for an international food festival on May 5 at Locust Valley Elementary School. Hosted by the Locust Valley Elementary Parents' Council, the special event was open to all students and families in grades K-5. It kick-started Locust Valley Intermediate School’s open house and was a fun way to celebrate cultural diversity.

A variety of delicious food provided by 14 restaurant sponsors and 13 parents were served during the outdoor event. In addition, three show-stopping performances by Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School students entertained the attendees. This included a Bollywood dance, a Greek dance and a performance by a K-Pop dance troupe. Attendees had a wonderful time connecting and celebrating cultures from around the world.


Date Added: 5/16/2022

Locust Valley Intermediate Performs ‘Wizard of Oz Jr.’

Locust Valley Intermediate School student-thespians perform “The Wizard of Oz Jr.” thumbnail216246
Locust Valley Intermediate School student-thespians perform “The Wizard of Oz Jr.” thumbnail216247
Locust Valley Intermediate School student-thespians perform “The Wizard of Oz Jr.” thumbnail216248
Locust Valley Intermediate School student-thespians perform “The Wizard of Oz Jr.” thumbnail216249
Bayville Intermediate School student-thespians performed “The Wizard of Oz Jr.” to the delight and applause of entranced Bayville Intermediate School students on April 13, and then for parents later in the evening. The student-performers attend Mainstages, an after-school program directed by Matt Dorter, Katherine Herbert, JoLisa Jones and Bailey Reynolds. Program manager Courtney Cook Naftz said that every student who attended the Mainstages camp was given a part, but there were auditions for the main characters.

The “The Wizard of Oz Jr. was a one-hour adaptation of the original “The Wizard of Oz,” specially tailored for elementary school students. The original characters Dorothy, the scarecrow, tinman, lion and the wizard were all expertly played and the students couldn’t help but to follow along with the beloved songs such as “We’re Off to See the Wizard,” “Follow the Yellow Brick Road“ and “Over the Rainbow.”

Date Added: 4/25/2022

Author Meghan McCarthy To Visit Locust Valley Intermediate

Author Meghan McCarthy and students with their book thumbnail216215
Author Meghan McCarthy speaking about their book thumbnail216216
Author Meghan McCarthy and staff from the elementary schools thumbnail216217

Ann MacArthur Primary and Locust Valley Intermediate School students had the opportunity to visit with author Meghan McCarthy, who revealed how she became an author and illustrator during several assemblies on April 6.

Ms. McCarthy is an award-winning author illustrator of children’s books, including: “Earmuffs for everyone,” “Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum,” and “City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male.”

During her presentation, Ms. McCarthy spoke about inspirations for her artwork and writing as well as how an author creates a published work. She talked about her father’s Volkswagen van as the inspiration for her book, “The Adventures of Patty and the Big Red Bus” and how her father and events in her childhood inspired her as an artist and author.

“Remember the things you do now, and maybe you can write a story about it,” Ms. McCarthy said.

Date Added: 4/19/2022

Let’s be Friends

Group photo of students on the school's steps thumbnail215988
A group of students take a break from playing soccer for a photo thumbnail215989
Students play soccer on the school yard thumbnail215990
Group photo of students playing a game with foam tubes thumbnail215991
A student reads

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergarten students recently met and mingled with fifth grade students from Locust Valley Intermediate School during the launch of the Site-Based Team’s Fifth Grade Friends Program. The older students led the kindergartners in cooperative games and reading activities during recess, allowing them to take the time to get to know one another.

Locust Valley Intermediate School and Locust Valley Primary School Principal Kurt Simon explained that the site-based team has been discussing ways for the older students to serve as mentors and to learn leadership skills. The Fifth Grade Friends Program brings together the students who have the same recess blocks, allowing the fostering of mentoring skills.

“It is also a wonderful way to bring the two buildings together,” Mr. Simon said.

Laughter and high-fives resonated throughout the playground as the students played soccer, read some of the fifth graders’ favorite books and played the game, “What Time is it Mr. Fox.” At the end of the activity, the classes came together for a photo and to say goodbye to their new friends, who they will continually meet throughout the rest of the school year.

Date Added: 4/13/2022

New Turf Field

Photo of the turf field thumbnail214742

The new turf field is finally ready. Watch this fun time-lapse video to see it being constructed.


Date Added: 3/18/2022